Intraoral scanner & 3D model printing

Intraoral scanner

With intraoral scanner we obtain digital models of both dental arches and their transformation into physical models using 3D printers, replacing thus the classical method used for conventional models. This investigation is composed of separate scans of both arches and of the occlusion in order to highlight occlusal reports. Benefits: - reduces patient discomfort created during impression capture - data transmission to the laboratory is done in a short amount of time - reduces the storage space by storing digital models - reduced time for the patient

180 Lei

3D Model Printing

3D printing is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects, starting from a digital model. Printed study patterns are performed following the intraoral scanning process, and the data obtained during scanning is processed with special programs to help prepare them for printing. This is the process by which a 3D object is created layer by layer, until the final shape is reached.

250 Lei

3D Model Printing - color

A new technology in the 3D printing industry is now available in our centers. it is characterized by speed and optimized productivity, over 500,000 color combinations obtained by simulant printing of several materials, extremely high resolution (18μm). Color 3D printing allows us to take digital dentistry to the next level.

350 Lei